5 Reasons Why a Good Website is Essential for Trucking Companies

5 Reasons Why a Good Website Is Essential for Trucking Companies

Let’s be honest. Most trucking companies have a website that looks like it was built in the 90’s, if they even have a website at all. Larger trucking companies are starting to turn this trend around, but overall, websites are highly underrated in this industry.

Just for fun, check out what the Axon Software website used to look like, less than 10 years ago.


It worked perfectly fine at the time, but would it do just as well today? Doubtful. As the years move on, web design trends change and people get used to different ways of using the internet. For a quick example, notice how in modern websites the “navigation menu” is up at the top of the page, rather than on the side.

We try to update the look and feel of our website at least every 5 years – and we always see a noticeable difference in performance (more leads), following the update.

Here are 5 reasons why it is important to have a good quality, up-to-date website.

1) An outdated website will repel potential customers.

Have you ever visited a website and saw Copyright 2012 in the footer? Or other signs that it hasn’t been updated in years? Does it make you wonder if they’re still in business?

If you have outdated content on your site, or make reference to things that aren’t around anymore, people notice. For example, we used to say that our Trucking Link App worked on iOS and Blackberry. Imagine how that would look now. Even if somebody knew we were in business, they would think we’ve fallen behind the times.

2) A good website will make sales for you.

On the other hand, a good website becomes an excellent source for inbound leads and inbound business. Possibly the best source. Think of it as a salesperson that never sleeps. You may not want to take calls at 11pm, but that doesn’t mean people out there stop trying to find a trucking companies.

A well designed website presents information clearly and in a logical fashion. It pitches your business and makes the sale. It also gives the visitor a way to ask for more, submit an inquiry, request an estimate, etc.

3) A good website will bring in more drivers and employees, and better drivers and employees.

Everybody wants to be proud of where they work. Your website is an easily shareable summary of who you are, what you stand for, and what the future may hold for your company. Most people research companies before they apply for, or accept a new job. Having a professional, attractive, and modern website makes an excellent first impression.

You can also list your website on various online job boards. Maybe you already do, but the more well-made your website, the better this strategy is going to work.

4) A website that is not mobile friendly will alienate people.

In 2019, about 50% of web browsing was done on mobile devices and it’s predicted that this will continue to increase. If your website doesn’t work well for mobile, whether it’s a speed issue or a content layout issue, you will lose half your visitors right there. Ensuring that there is a mobile-optimized version of your website is likely one of the biggest ROI improvements that you could make.

5) A website that is not designed correctly will be ignored by Google.

A website can make your company look professional, great to do business with, and a nice place to work. But here is the secret sauce – it’s possible to set up the website such that people can find it on their own, without you doing any work

This website, Axon Software, receives most of its traffic from Google searches. If you search “trucking software”, “trucking accounting software”, “transportation management system” or a variety of other phrases, there is a good chance we’ll be on the first page of search results. This is fantastic for bringing in new business!

On the other hand, a website designed incorrectly will make its home in the deeper pages of Google, where nobody will ever find it. Setting your website up to be found by Google and other search engines is called SEO (search engine optimization). The mechanics of SEO are very complicated, and actually an entire industry in itself. It involves keywords, meta-info, site speed and load times, mobile site speed, off-site promotion, and more. Suffice to say that you’ll want to hire the experts.

Where can you find an expert?

Our sister company, Stealth Media, happens to be a web design and marketing agency who specializes in SEO!

They designed and developed this website, and many others. They know all the ins and outs of making websites that are professional, up-to-date, and mobile friendly. They can help you successfully pitch your company to potential customers, employees, and drivers. It has worked for us and it can work for you too.

Contact Stealth today for a free quote towards the cost of a new website for your business. It’s worth it!

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