“Bob” is a 45-year-old trucking company owner who works 60-80 hours per week, trying to keep up with the immense workload.
He is overworked, has little spare energy or time for friends and family, and feels guilty for the free time he does take. Every day brings more problems as he is buried in an avalanche of paperwork. He feels overwhelmed, tired, and some days wishes that he could in the towel. But that’s not an option – he is not a quitter. He’s a tough, no-bullshit kind of guy, in a tough industry who fights daily threats to his business that would crush most people.

Deep down, Bob knows that his accounts receivable are a mess, and he’s probably losing thousands of dollars in lost invoices and clerical errors. He can’t keep his best drivers and he can’t find replacements. He is also nervous about the next compliance audit.

In order to track fuel bills, miles driven, driver pay, invoicing, accounts receivable, owner operator payables, maintenance records and driver compliance “Bob” and his staff are forced to enter and re-enter the same information as many as 3 or 4 times in different programs and spreadsheets. This sucks up massive amounts of time and causes expensive mistakes.

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Bob lives in constant fear of losing customers, drivers, staff and credit, because he and his staff can’t keep everything under control. He is constantly plagued by questions such as:

  • How many drivers are messing up their log books?
  • How many customer loads are not being invoiced?
  • How many invoices are not being paid because of missing paperwork?
  • Why are my receivables so out of control?
  • Why is it taking so long to get our invoices out?
  • How many drivers will I lose, if they think their pay settlements are wrong?
  • How much am I overpaying my owner/operators when chargebacks and advances aren’t accounted for?
  • Will my staff get IFTA fuel taxes completed correctly and on time?
  • Why are our maintenance records so inaccurate?
  • Which of my drivers and trucks are costing me money?
  • Will we be in compliance the next audit?
  • How many more government penalties can I survive?


You are not alone. It’s not your fault. Nearly everybody in the trucking business has had to endure the same struggles that you have – their business crippled by the gargantuan administrative workload and driven mad by demanding drivers, irate customers, government reports and endless cash flow problems.

Listen Bob, the cards have been stacked against you from the beginning. The industry forces you to track massive amounts of information that you currently have to manage in multiple programs and spreadsheets, sucking up vast amounts of valuable time.

But here’s the thing… Business doesn’t need to be so tough!

There is a solution. A “secret weapon.” An easy way out of the deep pit you now find yourself in. A way to free up massive amounts of time and cash. A way to bulletproof your business against disloyal drivers, unscrupulous competitors, overzealous regulators, stressed-out staff, and difficult customers. Hundreds and hundreds of other successful companies have already revolutionized their businesses with an all-in-one transportation management system. They are seeing staggering results, and so can you.

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