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The Backstory of Axon

Axon Software is the result of over 38 years of trucking company software research and design, with the input of hundreds of transportation professionals, just like you.

At the risk of having you realize just how old I am, (please don’t call me an “old-coot”, it’s tough enough on me when my kids do that) I’d like to tell you just how this whole enterprise got started in the first place.

I went to work as sales manager for a computer firm close to 38 years ago (ouch!). Among other things, we consulted and provided accounting and information management software to businesses. We spent a lot of our time researching and testing every available accounting software system, trying to discover the best systems to offer to our customers.

One of my clients was my dad, who operated a trucking and excavation contracting business. The system we sold him was the best available at that time, and we were able to provide software modifications to meet some of their billing requirements. Unfortunately, as with many of our customers at the time, it just wasn’t enough to meet all of their wants and needs.

Now, imagine my position. I was dedicated to helping my business clients be more successful in their businesses. So obviously it was really tough to have to tell a customer that what they wanted to achieve was just not possible, or at least, feasible, because of the limitations of the technology. But try telling that to your dad, who just couldn’t understand why he couldn’t just push a button and have the answers he wanted pop right up!

As a management consultant and accounting software expert, I found the limitations of the software totally frustrating.

During a few “bitch sessions” (with mandatory beers and munchies) with my “guru”, a computer genius, who managed the programming and technical division of our company, he expressed the same frustration with the programming tools and the languages that most software was written in. The technology was weak, and it limited the flexibility that could be built into the software. His vision was to invent systems to help write better software for trucking. I didn’t want to have to let any of my clients down again, the way I let my dad down. At some point, after one-too-many disappointed customers and enough of these bitch sessions, the writing was on the wall – we were just going to have to do it ourselves. And Axon Software was born.

Axon 1982

For more than 38 years, Axon Software has researched ways to develop better a transportation management system. One that radically improves and simplifies peoples’ lives by giving them more control of their information and freeing up their valuable time for more important tasks. A system that eliminates much of the mundane, repetitive effort that wastes your valuable resources.

The result: Axon Software – Real-Time, Totally-Integrated Trucking Software that will save you more time than any other combination of management tools available – PERIOD!

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