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November 1, 2023

“Axon saves us at least two salaries a year, if not more…”

Hopper Dispatch is a very streamlined dry bulk transporter, running 50+ trucks with very few office staff. We paid a visit to Lake City, Florida, to learn how owner Josh Fuller uses Axon Software to manage such a busy operation without losing his mind.

September 12, 2023

“Axon is definitely a timesaver. It gets easier every month.”

Dragon Material Transport, Inc. is a family business that looks after California’s Central Valley. We recently stopped in for a chat with Summer. She gave us a rundown on how their company operates, why they upgraded to Axon Software, and how that decision has paid off for them.

August 15, 2023

How Proactive Support Takes the Pressure Off

Are you thinking about investing in Axon Software? You may be a little nervous. It’s a large investment of time and resources and your staff may be worried about learning a new software, while keeping up with their regular work duties, but your fears are unnecessary. Axon Software provides professional commitment, training, and support at …

June 30, 2023

“I Was Working 40+ Hours and Some on Weekends… Now I Could Cut Back.”

Dennis Floyd Trucking Company hauls construction materials throughout the state of California. One of the owners, Barbara Floyd, gave us the history of their company – and spoke about their switch to a modern, powerful software system in 2020.

March 15, 2023

5 Reasons Integrated Trucking Accounting Software Will Change Your Life

Most trucking companies invest in basic, all-purpose accounting software designed for small businesses. It’s a good plan (at first, anyway). These products make it fairly easy to handle the day-to-day accounting needs of a generic small business. That’s what they are for. The thing is, most trucking companies don’t want to stay small forever… and …

January 15, 2023

What Is “Real-Time” Trucking Software?

Whether you call it trucking software, or a transportation management system (TMS), it’s basically the same thing. “Real-time” means that every part of the software “talks” to every other part – and when you do something, it instantly updates every other part of the software. Unlike most systmes out there which work by importing, exporting, …

September 15, 2022

Curing the Ailments in Your Trucking Company

Running a trucking company is like running a 3-ring circus. There is so much stuff going on – how are you supposed to keep track of it? It seems like you’re always “fighting fires,” doesn’t it? And even though you may often feel that your problems are totally unique, and spiraling out of control, believe …

August 15, 2022

Let’s Hear From Real People, With Real Axon Software Experience

Reviews From Actual Users of Axon Software If you’ve explored this website, there is a good chance you found some of our trucking software reviews – or perhaps snippets of them, scattered throughout almost every page. Believe it or not, we have well over a hundred of them. Those interviews and reviews were provided by …

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