Curing the Ailments in Your Trucking Company

Running a trucking company is like running a 3-ring circus.

There is so much stuff going on – how are you supposed to keep track of it?

It seems like you’re always “fighting fires,” doesn’t it? And even though you may often feel that your problems are totally unique, and spiraling out of control, believe me – you are not alone.

We’ve worked with hundreds of companies just like yours over the past 38 years, who suffered from pretty much the same ailments that you do now. And although many of their problems may have seemed unique, when we dug deep, we found that they all suffered from common ailments.

  • Invoices get lost (destroying your cash flow)
  • Drivers aren’t getting pay they think they’ve earned (so they dump you for greener pastures)
  • Late and faulty fuel tax reports (bringing a vicious hoard of government bureaucrats down on your head).

…Leading, ultimatly, to lower profits, reduced cash flow, angry customers, and all kinds of other issues that create STRESS.

The problems are even greater than many people realize.

Over the past 38 years, we have developed weapons that destroy these problems, before they can destroy you. Now, you might think that, if you can just solve ONE of these big problems – that all your troubles will go away. That if only you could just streamline your fuel tax management, so you weren’t having to constantly looking over your shoulder for the tax man to come knocking, you’d finally be able to sleep nights. Or if your billing problems would go away, all your cash flow issues would be solved. Or if you could just find a way to deal with your driver turnover, everything else will just work out.

But the truth is, you need to deal with all 3. And you need to go the root of the issues.

We didn’t sit back and accept the inevitable destruction of valuable businesses like yours. Calling on our vast experience, we set out to develop a system that would help destroy every single problem that infected our clients’ information management systems. Our trucking management system has literally changed the lives of thousands of people in hundreds of trucking companies across North America. We would like to demonstrate this system for you, if you’ll give us the opportunity, with no strings attached or commitments on your part.

But first, please read the comments from a few of our hundreds of satisfied clients.


– – –

On Fuel Tax…


“I was going back and forth from this spreadsheet to that spreadsheet and making sure all my calculations were correct and checking our fuel invoices and making sure I had every gallon of fuel accounted for. Now Axon does that for us. So, three days down to 15 minutes to do an IFTA return – it’s great!”

ShelleyShelley Ingold
Safety & Compliance Manager
Gary Graham Transport Ltd.
Glencoe, ON N0L 1M0, Canada

– – –

On Driver Pay…


“Had 5 trucks when we started with Axon, and now we’re up to 60. When it comes to driver payment, invoicing, accounting department, that’s where we use Axon the most and it has been a lifesaver.”

SamuelSamuel Esparza
Terminal Manager
InterFlet Transport Inc.
Laredo, TX 78045, USA

– – –

On Invoicing…


“With Axon, we have been able to maintain our productivity, even with 1 less staff member… Axon has made our life easier with invoicing, especially with our flatbed industry. We can invoice out the very next day. Very use friendly.”

AmberAmber Connard
Long Run Transportation
Crab Orchard, WV 25827, USA

– – –

I think you will agree that Axon has proven to vastly improve the businesses that we have quoted here, would you not? And frankly, we have hundreds more just like them who can tell you similar stories. The question is – can we repeat this kind of success in your company?

YES! We can help your business achieve outstanding success – AND slash your administration workload in HALF!

Axon has helped the management and staff of over a thousand companies, just like yours, to accomplish two, three or even four times the work in half the time. And if your company manages drivers, trucks, fuel, and invoices, we can do the same for you.

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