Looking Forward in the Trucking Industry

What a crazy situation we find ourselves in.

Unemployment is skyrocketing, many people have less money to spend, businesses are hurting, less is being produced, and it feels like the economy is grinding to a halt in many ways, apart from the essentials.

Because general business is in shambles, many trucking companies are also struggling, depending on who their customers are. Some have higher demand, some have lower, but most are experiencing unpredictable demand, which is challenging to cope with. The industry is also experiencing unemployment issues, business closures, and demand for equipment is down.

No need to belabor the details any more… You are living it.

How about some optimism?

Let’s be real here, does anybody actually think the United States or Canada are going to be permanently knocked out of commission? We are going to get through this. We always do and we always will. What is the point of believing anything else? It’s better to plan for and work towards success, than to ever give up.

Yes, there has already been serious damage, with more to come, and potentially some lasting scars. The way we do certain things, or buy certain things, may change forever.

But, we are eventually going to find a way to beat the virus. People will always need stuff and they will need it delivered around the country. Jobs will come back and the economy will sort itself out. Don’t know when, don’t know how, but you can count on it happening eventually.

Where do we go from here?

Do you plan to continue doing business as a trucking company? What will your business look like when this is all over? Do you think you can carve out a bigger slice of success this time around? Is there a better way of doing things?

Let’s prepare for the future together.

“As we’ve grown, up to around 200-250 trucks, we really haven’t had to put a focal point on our admin side because of how efficient Axon is.” — Jeremy Gouge, IMT Transport

We started Axon over 37 years ago and have been perfecting it ever since. Trucking operations and trucking accounting software designed specifically for your industry.

Axon Software has what you need to perfectly equip your business to hit the ground running when things get somewhat back to normal. You can…

  • Turn your staff into superheroes, who can do twice the amount of work in the same amount of time.
  • Get paid faster, when your invoices go out more quickly and you have extra time to spend collecting on older invoices.
  • Increase the value of your trucks by finding better routes, lanes, and maintenance schedules.
  • Improve your customer service with better record-keeping for info and file attachments.
  • Make better decisions, with real-time reports and info on your company’s financial situation.
  • Get unlimited, remote screen-sharing training and support.
  • Utilize the Axon Trucking Link Driver App to send information back and forth without the need for in-person contact.

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