QuickBooks VS. Specialized Trucking Accounting Software

When first starting out, most small businesses invest in accounting software. QuickBooks is the most popular. Others include Sage, Xero and MYOB. These products do a serviceable job of billing and accounting, for a typical small business in its early stages. But trucking companies are not typical – and trucking company owners don’t want their business to stay small forever. They want to grow. They need an accounting solution that works for growing trucking companies with specialized requirements.

Totally integrated trucking accounting software solves every problem that bogs down typical standalone accounting solutions, and holds back your trucking business.

Generic Software Has Limits. Specialized Software Saves Time.

In standalone accounting programs, things don’t go very far. When you write up an invoice, it will update the records in Accounts Receivable, and from there it may flow through to your GL application and financial statements. But that’s usually about where it ends. If you need to apply that information to a unit’s history, an owner-operator chargeback, or a fuel tax report, you may need to handle that information 2, 3, or even 4 times in total.

With Axon’s totally integrated accounting software, information only needs to be entered one time. Period. For example, when you download fuel bills from your supplier, with the “push of a button” your fuel tax reporting, accounts payable, owner-operator payable, equipment files, and financial management systems will all be updated instantly.

Another example – Let’s say freight was just delivered and the order is done. The moment it’s marked complete, an invoice is automatically generated and ready for billing, driver pay is calculated and recorded in payroll or owner-operators payable, fuel tax obligations are calculated and recorded in your fuel tax system, your general ledger and financial applications are updated, all in an instant.

Axon is specialized – we understand trucking, plain and simple. If your business is still using generic, standalone accounting software, then you are spending hours every day doing things that should have been done automatically. Which leads into the next problem…

More Data Entry Means Extra Mistakes.

Every time you copy information from one area to the another by hand, you run the risk of making mistakes. Things get forgotten, things get lost, and people make simple typing errors. Nobody is perfect. Humans rely on technology to make up for their weak points all the time, so why not take advantage in your business?

When you use totally integrated transportation management software with built-in trucking accounting software, all of your applications “talk” with one another in real-time. One of the most amazing things about that is, you will never have information recorded differently in two places. Invoices, equipment statements, fuel tax, and more is generated automatically by referencing the rates, mileages, and work completed in the initial order.

We have even seen trucking companies discover fraud within their business. If your programs aren’t integrated, talking with one another, it’s much more difficult to detect when invoices are changed or flat-out disappear. With integrated accounting, the numbers always match up – you will be alerted if they don’t, every time.

“My CPA says this is the best system he’s ever seen!” — Jim Wood, Maverick Express

We have been perfecting Axon Software for over 37 years – operations and accounting software designed specifically for the trucking industry. Why? Because we believe that trucking companies get best results by working out of a single, streamlined, and specialized trucking software system.

Imagine freeing up 3-4 extra hours every day by automating as much as possible.

  • Turn your staff into superheroes, who can do twice the amount of work in the same amount of time.
  • Get paid faster, when your invoices go out more quickly and you have extra time to spend collecting on older invoices.
  • Increase the value of your trucks by finding better routes, lanes, and maintenance schedules.
  • Improve your customer service with better record-keeping for info and file attachments.
  • Make better decisions, with real-time reports and info on your company’s financial situation.

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