“Since we’ve had Axon, we’ve been able to double our fleet. We haven’t had to hire any new employees. We love Axon.”

Sim Sandhu
Canyon Freightways Ltd.
Surrey, BC V3S 2G3, Canada

On a trip over to British Columbia, we stopped in at Canyon Freightways – an Axon Software client of about 3 years that has recently had a great deal of growth and success. We spoke to Sim, who went into detail about the improvements they’ve made to order planning, dispatch, invoicing, payroll, driver settlements, and more.


I am Sim Sandhu, from Canyon Freightways. We’ve been in business for over 30 years, located in Surrey, BC.

Tell us a bit about the company.

Our specialty is flat-deck shipping across Western Canada. We started using Axon in August 2016. There was a big need, especially when it came down to administration, tracking all our orders, our expenses, everything pretty much from end to end in the business.
Ever since we’ve been using Axon, we have saved hundreds of hours over the last couple of years. Whenever we are dealing with administration such as statements, or dealing with receivables and payables, it’s just been phenomenal for us to keep track of all the money coming in and money going out. Since we’ve had Axon, we have been able to double our fleet and we haven’t hired any employees. We love Axon.

Tell us about your experience with Axon Software.

My experience has been amazing. Not only for myself, but also dispatch. Whenever they want to track orders, track whether specific drivers are available or not, it’s very easy to do that. We’re able to figure out how to be cost effective when it comes to our expenses, especially with fuel, but with our day-to-day expenses as well.
It has been a great, phenomenal program, especially for my accounting team who can’t speak highly enough of it. They are just so happy, and they have been able promote the program to their clients as well, who are using different programs such as QuickBooks or other trucking software. They feel that Axon is just phenomenal.

Have things changed with driver settlements since starting with Axon Software?

To be honest with you, we have cut down hundreds of hours. When getting all the expenses that will be deducted from their statements, we input it. Or even recurring expenses, it’s very easy and we don’t have to keep putting it in. It’s there. It’s deducted every single month. When it comes to the repair bills or any of that, it’s easily trackable.
Fuel tax as well – we get it done really quickly. Mileage is there. Our fuel reports are there and all we do is click a button to file it. That’s it. The best part with Axon is that you’re able to import the fuel bills from, for example, Husky’s online website. Once you import it and the mileage is in the system from the orders, we pretty much merge those two together and that’s it. It’s pretty much done. It has saved us a lot of time and a lot of headache.

Has your invoicing speed gotten better?

Amazing, amazing. Honestly, it’s just a click of a button. Back in the day when we used to use QuickBooks, it was very old school. Once we started with Axon, we’ve been able to do our invoices within half the time.
Say it would take us two or three days to finish our invoicing before, we’re now able to get that done in four or five hours. We’re talking about hundreds of orders that we’re processing throughout the month.

How is the payroll process with Axon Software?

Simple. Whenever we do monthly payroll remittance, it pretty much calculates all your income tax, your CRP, your EI. When you’re doing payroll remittances, literally just a click of a button and you’re done. Before, it was manual, calculating everything by hand, writing it down, having an Excel sheet. Now it’s very simple for us and we get it done within minutes.

Do the drivers like their new statements?

They love their statements. They’re really easy to read, and the great thing is they’re categorized. You’re dealing with repair bills, you’re dealing with any of their miscellaneous expenses, and you’re dealing with their income as well – all the orders that they’ve completed, what their pay is, what our dispatch fee is… Everything is broken down for them and really easy to figure out. What they made, what their expenses were, and what the net profit was.

Can you talk about the company’s growth since starting with Axon Software?

We had close to 20 trucks when we started with Axon, and we’ve been able to increase our fleet. But on top of that, we’ve been able to save a lot of time, so we haven’t had to hire any staff. We are able to increase without stress, and we don’t have to go out there and search for someone who we hopefully feel is going to work out for us.
It saves us time on a monthly and yearly basis as well. We’re able to invest that money somewhere else instead of wasting it on more staff to get the work done. We’re close to 30 trucks now, but we do a lot of brokerage work as well. We’re able to broker out loads and do that kind of stuff – track anything from our own trucks, to owner-operators, to third parties that do our work.

How do you find the brokerage features in Axon Software?

Honestly, I don’t think we would have to add any. The biggest challenge is having the right people in the right positions, but now I think we have the right people. Because we utilize Axon, there would be no reason to add any staff.

Does Axon Software help your ability to manage effectively when you have to be out of the office?

It’s amazing. You put it in as an order, and you have your order confirmation. Say you’re entering a load that was brokered, you’re able to categorize it in a different area, called a carrier expense category, and you can track it down, including what you’re paying them versus what you keep.
When you’re creating invoices and going to pay them, you just click on the order, generate their invoice and that’s that. They get paid and it’s very simple.

If you added another 10 trucks, would you need any more employees?

No, not at all.

Has Axon Software helped you maintain or improve your customer relations?

You know what? By a hundred percent. Whenever we have any customers who want to track an order, or if they want information from a year ago like a POD, we are literally able to put in that invoice and track down the whole order, plus the POD attached to it. It’s there in the system, the information is right there and it’s easily trackable.

How would you describe the training you received at Axon Software?

You guys have been phenomenal from beginning to end. When I started, I was a little bit scared. I was hesitant to change. I’m not the type of person that sits well with change, so when I started with Axon I was nervous. But once I got the training and go the help that I needed, I felt comfortable. I felt confident in the program.
The great thing is, even now when any of my employees or myself have issues, you guys are just a phone call away and so easy to deal with. I’ll leave a message sometimes if you guys are really busy, but I know that I’m going to be receiving a call back within half an hour to an hour. If it’s a difficult question for them, there is always somebody else that can get on it right away, and that’s what I love about Axon support.
Transitioning was very simple, very easy, and Axon spent a lot of time training myself and my staff as well. Everybody is very comfortable with the system now.

What do you think the return on investment has been with Axon Software?

It’s beyond my imagination. To be honest with you, I can’t thank Axon enough for making our whole business structured and just making that part of our business a lot easier. We’re able to see where our net profit is. We’re able to see all our expenses. We’re able to see orders.
The great thing is that it’s all in one, whereas we used to have a trucking software and an accounting software so there was a lot of back and forth. It was very stressful for our accounting team to track that back and forth, so Axon has made our life a lot easier and we love Axon.

If someone in the industry asked about your experience, what would you say?

Love it. I actually promote you guys a lot, whenever I talk to anybody. I just let them know that it’s a great return on your investment. In any industry, you want to know what’s happening with your business – inside and out.

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