A transportation management system (TMS) is an invaluable asset for trucking companies because it enhances efficiency, increases profitability, and leads to business growth. After all, you can’t manage what don’t measure. Successful transportation companies get the accurate, actionable data that they need to make calculated decisions in this fast-past industry. The benefits can be seen almost immediately, if the proper research has been done to find the right TMS to fit your company’s needs.

We believe that every application running your business should be integrated in real-time. That is, information entered in one area should flow through immediately to the rest of your business. You can’t afford to have your critical information separated between multiple applications. If your dispatch, billing, payroll, accounting, and other systems operate independently, it creates a variety of issues from inaccurate reporting, to information overload, to wasted time. Real time integration puts everyone in your office on the same page, reduces mistakes, reduces costs by making your operations more efficient, and basically creates more time out of thin air.

Every trucking company is unique, but no matter your industry – freight carrier, FTL/LTL, oilfield trucking, freight broker, dump truck hauler, intermodal, heavy hauler, or something else – a TMS will likely give you the greatest percentage return on any possible investment.

Careful consideration should be given to choosing the right TMS for your company, so contact us now to receive a FREE INFORMATION BOOK – find out today how Axon Software can save you more time than any other application, or combination of applications on the market.

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  • Easy, stress free driver pay – Eliminate errors and cut the time it takes to pay your staff, drivers, owner/operators, and carriers in half. Generate settlements that automatically calculate complex driver pay, miles driven, and expenses. Drivers will love their simple, clear statements.
  • Speed up your billing cycle – Expedite your entry-to-cash billing process with a fully integrated trucking accounting system. Information from your dispatch and orders application instantly and automatically flows through to receivables, where you can generate invoices with a couple of clicks. Get money into your bank account faster, without missing a cent.
  • 15-minute fuel tax – Take the stress and tediousness out of one of your most time-consuming quarterly tasks by selecting a completely integrated TMS with automated fuel downloads and IFTA fuel tax calculator tools. These can save your company an unbelievable amount of time and resources.


Decide on what your needs are and compare your options. Whether you are replacing an old system, upgrading from multiple uncooperative applications, or are a first-time buyer of a business software system, the transition can come with challenges and costs.

However, don’t forget to consider the cost of not taking action – not doing nothing at all. Can your company survive as technology and the industry evolves around you? Economic markets constantly shift and become increasingly more competitive, so your business needs to find ways to edge out the competition while remaining profitable – cutting prices while maintaining the same margins won’t do the trick. The right TMS will give your business the tools to stay at the forefront of the industry.

When choosing the right TMS, remember that not all software is created equal. Every company has a different collection of operational issues and business practices. Consider Axon Software in your decision process, and see how you can harness the power of an all-in-one transportation management system. We have learned a lot during our 36 years in business, developing systems for companies of almost every size or trucking industry.

A TMS will prove to be one of your best business investments, so don’t miss out. Register today for your FREE DEMO AND BUSINESS ANALYSIS.

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