Including better productivity, improved safety, and critical data that will help optimize your fleet.


Thanks to the trucking ELD mandates in the USA and Canada, you need an ELD on every truck. It’s required.

As if you didn’t already have enough to manage and track, in one of the most complicated industries on the planet!

From internal jobs like payroll, customer relations, and fleet efficiency… To the ever-expanding realm of government mandated taxes and safety compliance. All this work, with fines and penalties for making mistakes – what a pain!

We dug deep into the ELD industry to find answers.

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Although Axon integrates with a large number of ELD providers, including Motive, Samsara, Omnitracs, PeopleNet, TeletracNavman, Zonar, and ISSAC…

Geotab is the ELD we chose to work even more closely with. Axon® is now an authorized reseller of Geotab, and we will continue expanding on the time-saving, productivity boosting integrations between their platform and ours.

Geotab is extremely reliable. They have been around for over 20 years. Most others ELDs have popped up only recently… and could disappear just as fast. They have the lowest hardware failure rate in the industry. Plus, there are no gaps in the data collected. This exceeds compliance standards and provides several other advantages to your business.

Better customer service with instant, real-time tractor locations, including geofencing for zones. You will have more accurate arrival and departure times, and true trip miles.

Increased profits when you optimize your fleet with data that lets you find the best routes and increase fuel efficiency. Keep track of idle time, speeding, and engine diagnostics per truck. You can set up alerts for whatever you wish to stay on top of.

Stay compliant and cut down on paperwork, with electronic driver logs, vehicle inspection reports, and data you need for fuel tax reporting. Geotab is fully compliant with the trucking ELD mandates from FMCSA and Transport Canada.

Improved safety with collision notifications and risk management reports. Minimize violations, prevent accidents, and save lives.

Geotab hardware is easy to install in minutes, connecting to your vehicle’s OBD II port.

The user-friendly dashboard will leave you feeling confident, knowledgeable, and in control of your trucking operation.

Geotab is the #1 rated ELD on the market.

Trusted by over 44,000 companies with 2.2 million vehicles


You can unlock a number of useful ELD integrations that save time, increase profits, and cut workload tremendously.

Tractor Location Tracking

available in the Orders and Maps areas of Axon Software

Tractor Odometer Readings

Equipment Routing Reports

Driver Service Hours

including estimated hours remaining

Jurisdictional Mileage Imports

saving a ton of time on fuel tax

and more to come…

as our dev team continues to work hard, creating the best trucking software tools possible for your business.

Whether you’re frustrated with your current ELD solution, or getting set up for the very first time, we can help.

We also have a wide selection of telematic devices and solutions from the best brands around.

Get a free consultation with one of our experts to help narrow down the right options for your company

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Expanding on the benefits of ELDs…

Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) are a technological innovation that has transformed the trucking industry. The mandate from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires most commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) to be equipped with ELDs. ELDs have numerous benefits that help trucking companies and truck drivers to increase efficiency and profitability while complying with FMCSA regulations. So, let’s discuss the benefits of ELD devices, including the best ELD for small fleets, ELD devices for trucks, ELD for trucking companies, ELD providers, ELD system for trucks, ELD trucker, and trucking ELD providers.

One of the benefits of using ELD trucker devices is that they help trucking companies comply with FMCSA regulations. ELDs automatically record hours of service (HOS) data, ensuring that truck drivers are following the rules and regulations. The best ELD for small fleets would eliminate the need for manual recording of HOS, which is time-consuming and error-prone. With ELDs, truck drivers can easily log their driving hours, breaks, and rest periods in real-time, and fleet managers can monitor the data remotely. This ensures that truck drivers are not violating the hours of service rules, which helps reduce the risk of accidents and fines.

ELD devices for trucks also help trucking companies to increase efficiency and reduce paperwork. With ELDs, truck drivers can quickly and accurately record their HOS data, eliminating the need for paper logs. This saves time and money for both truck drivers and trucking companies. ELDs also make it easy for fleet managers to review HOS data and ensure that drivers are following the rules. This helps to reduce administrative tasks, allowing fleet managers to focus on other aspects of their business.

Choosing the best ELD for trucking companies is essential. The best ELD for small fleets should be easy to install, easy to use, and affordable. It should also offer all the features that a small fleet needs to comply with FMCSA regulations. There are many trucking ELD providers in the market, and trucking companies need to research and compare different providers to choose the one that best suits their business needs.

ELD devices for trucks also offer safety benefits. By automatically logging HOS data, ELDs help reduce driver fatigue, which is a significant factor in truck accidents. The ELD system for trucks also helps to identify potential safety issues, such as vehicles that need maintenance or drivers who are exceeding the speed limit. An ELD for trucking companies provides them with real-time information about their fleet, allowing them to make informed decisions to improve safety.

Trucking ELD providers also offer additional features that can help trucking companies improve efficiency and profitability. For example, an ELD system for trucks might offer GPS tracking, which allows fleet managers to monitor the location of their vehicles in real-time. This helps trucking companies to optimize their routes and reduce fuel consumption. ELD providers can also offer reporting features, such as driver performance reports, which allow fleet managers to identify areas where drivers need training or coaching.

Another benefit of ELD devices for trucks is that they provide accurate data for trucking accounting services. ELD trucker devices automatically record the time that truck drivers spend driving, waiting, and resting. This data is accurate and can be used by trucking accounting software to calculate driver pay, fuel expenses, and other costs. This reduces the risk of errors in the accounting process, which can lead to financial losses for trucking companies.

Overall, ELD devices for trucks offer numerous benefits for trucking companies and truck drivers. They help trucking companies to comply with FMCSA regulations, increase efficiency, reduce paperwork, improve safety, and provide accurate data for trucking accounting services. Simply put, choosing the best ELD for your trucking company can be a source of much future success.

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