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Our wonderful clients say it best. Check out a few of these 100+ video reviews that go into great detail on how Axon Software has changed their workload, and their businesses, for the better.

"I personally can do inbound and outbound dispatch for all 16 trucks by myself. So the savings with employees have been great. You're probably looking at about $200,000 in payroll savings alone, with Axon."
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"When we got Axon at 10 trucks, tonow 65 trucks, I have still only added two admins. I haven't needed to add more staff because Axon takes care of it all for us."
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"In an eight hour shift, Axon saves five hours."
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"Definitely if we had to hire one office person... Just one, to do what we're doing with Axon. We couldn't get them for that level of charge. So it's paid for, almost immediately."
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"Because we switched to Axon, we were able to increase our business and not have add more staff with the efficiencies that we've gained. I'm not saying we've cut back on hours necessarily, but it did make everyone's job much easier with the additional workload that we've had."
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"I think if we would not have used Axon for managing our workload, we would have had to employ at least two additional managers."
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