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Our wonderful clients say it best. Check out a few of these 100+ video reviews that go into great detail on how Axon Software has changed their workload, and their businesses, for the better.

“We have so much paperwork from the United States with the BOLs, the customs papers, and all of those things. Because of the ability to attach all of these documents to our orders, we can pull up any order that a customer needs if they call with a question on anything.”
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“Axon Software has made it so much easier to keep track of inventory and the amount of parts we have on hand on any given day… After we had it for a while, we started to see that there is inventory that we haven’t used in 10 months… I don’t have to go and physically sit in the parts room to figure out what has and what hasn’t been used.”
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“We are able to generate all the IFTA reports automatically. What used to take a long time is now a very short period of time… The fuel downloads are very useful, very easy, and simple. We basically just click a button, and everything is downloaded into the system.”
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“As much staff as we used to have to run 20 trucks, is what we use to run 55 trucks… If we would have used the old system, we would have had to increase probably 10-15 staff members to do the same job we’re doing right now with Axon.”
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“You get a few million dollars’ worth of equipment … If you can’t get information at the right speed, then you are always behind the eight ball. It’s a small investment, to manage a larger one…”
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“Before we had Axon, we had 20 trucks. Since Axon, we have grown to about 55 trucks and in that time virtually haven’t had to change our staff numbers”
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