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Our wonderful clients say it best. Check out a few of these 100+ video reviews that go into great detail on how Axon Software has changed their workload, and their businesses, for the better.

“When we started using Axon, we did not have any kind of a program whatsoever, so it was immediately a big help to us. By October, we were generating almost $500,000 a month in gross receipts without a trucking program… But Axon had everything we needed to get the company organized and thank goodness”
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“Axon lets us provide instant updates for customers which, as we all know, is very important…Instant information, instant access, and prompt responses.”
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“There was no training from the other company. It was just ‘here you go.’ All the staff that I have in here have done Axon training with someone and they appreciated it. They thought it was the greatest thing.”
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“We wanted all in one, inclusive of everything, all aspects of it. Your payroll, your inventory, your work orders, your fuel tax, general ledger, and all other aspects. Axon was attractive to us… Even third-party billing and work orders – we’re able to utilize it all, and it’s easy, too.”
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“I used to spend 4 days a week invoicing and now I can do it all in a day and half with Axon…We haven’t had to increase our office staff. It is just really efficient.”
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“I use Axon every day for my ACE manifesting, for entering all our orders, checking up on all our equipment, making sure the safeties are done, for the different permits that the guys get for running the interstate and the states. And all the expiry dates are entered in the system.”
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