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Our wonderful clients say it best. Check out a few of these 100+ video reviews that go into great detail on how Axon Software has changed their workload, and their businesses, for the better.

“We started with 20 trucks. We’re right now at 61 trucks, moving up to 75… With a total of 3 people for admin… Axon is trucking specific, and it’s easy to use.”
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“Since we started using Axon, we have two new divisions, in Red Deer and in Edmonton. We have only had to hire 1 staff… About 40 more trucks.”
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“Since we’ve had Axon, in 2008, we have doubled our fleet, and we have the same amount of office staff as we had then… We haven’t had to hire any additional office staff.”
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“Using Axon increased our fleet for sure. Made it way more smooth for our current employees. We didn’t increase employees in the office, and it made our workflow smoother and easier.”
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“Since implementing Axon we’ve grown by 50% in number of trucks, and opened 2 new branches in Edmonton and Red Deer. We have 1 admin person we hired to handle both those branches… All the billing, all the invoicing, all the payables, all the payroll.”
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