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Give Your Dispatchers the Ultimate Trucking Dispatch Tool

Your dispatchers are the front-line, go-to guys in your business. When they’re at the top of their game, they make things happen. Why slow them down with obsolete tools and poor customer intelligence? Real-Time Axon Trucking Dispatch Software gives them finger-tip control of the information they need to make snap decisions when it counts!

Axon Software’s Fully Integrated, Real-Time Visual Dispatch Trucking Software saves you mega-time. No more lost loads. No more unbilled orders. Generate more new business. Being fully-integrated means that dispatchers have access to vital business-partner and load history information when they need it. Real-Time access means that dispatchers can share up-to-the-second information between themselves, and with your management and accounting staff.

  • Instant access to the Order screen from the Dispatch screen saves keystrokes and time. You can jump back and forth from the dispatch screen to the order screen with a click of your mouse.
  • You can assign equipment and drivers right from the Dispatch screen. While this might sound obvious, what’s not so obvious is that you can actually access the master files directly from the Dispatch screen if you need more detailed information. This saves you from the slow, tedious process of moving out of one part of your software so you can access another part, and then reversing the process when you are finished. (Amazingly enough, most software is designed in this clumsy fashion – Axon Software changes all that.)
  • You can view Equipment Routing right from the Dispatch screen, by simply “double-clicking” in the location area of the equipment list.
  • Dispatchers can see at a glance which equipment is available for an order. Just like looking up at the big white-board in the office, but without the delays.

Visual Dispatch 1

  • Dispatchers can click on “all orders” to quickly see every order in the system. Orders are color-coded for fast, visual assessment, providing dispatchers with a far easier and more effective tool than old “spreadsheet”- based technology.
  • Central Business Partner Management means that the dispatchers view the same customer and vendor information as accounting. This means that records only need to be maintained in one place. Other systems require you to re-enter all the business partner information in every program that uses it. A terrible waste of time, and a constant source of frustrating screw-ups. Axon Software saves you from that. And Axon Software’s built-in security system means that this access can be rigidly controlled to protect you from unauthorized access to confidential information.
  • Dispatched equipment and orders can be filtered by dispatch region, location, and date so you don’t need to wade through a bunch of irrelevant information to get what you need.
  • Axon Software’s optional PC*Miler interface automatically calculates billing miles (distance) from Shipper/Consignee/Pick & Drop locations, and automatically calculates routing mileages plus any manual location input.
  • Axon Software will automatically provide equipment routing from Shipper, Consignee, and Pick/Drop location information entered on the orders. You can instantly see the arrival and departure dates and times, locations, mileages and other important information related to the movement of each piece of equipment over a given time period.

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“We were at 58 trucks in March 2017. We are now at 70. We have dispatch capability, quite easily, to increase that by another 20-25%. Data entry has been reduced by, conservatively, 50%.”

KerryKerry Brandt
Paul Brandt Trucking Ltd.
Morris, MB R0G 1K0, Canada

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  • Built-in Document Imaging System lets you attach any scanned documents, (such as proof of delivery and bills of lading) pictures, digital photographs, word documents and spread sheet you want to the records. You’ll have instant access to all the critical documents you need, to save your dispatchers and accounting people time, and speed up cash flow!
  • You can create an invoice right from the Order/Ticket screen, with a click of your mouse – there’s no more double entry of information, or jumping through hoops to create an invoice. You can even void incorrect invoices directly from the Order/Ticket Screen. Of course for those managers who want extra control over who can do the invoicing, Axon Software’s built-in security system can be set to control access to these functions.
  • Setup your own Freight Rate tables to take advantage of Axon Software’s “auto-rating” function. No more digging through printed rate sheets. No more manual calculations. It eliminates most of the errors that are costing you money.

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Do you think that totally integrated dispatch software for trucking could be a major key to saving time, money, and headache?

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