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Why Axon Software Might NOT Be For You

I have a confession to make. Axon Software is not for everybody and it might not be for you.

Over the past 38-plus years, we have built a reputation for providing the highest quality TMS software with the highest level of support of any software company, in any industry.

But as good as we are, and as motivated as we are to keep improving everything about our operation to get even better – we are not perfect. There are some companies who have problems that we just aren’t able to solve – yet. And there are some who just aren’t ready for us yet.

Let me explain.

1. We Might Not Have the Software You Need

After more than 38 years of designing transportation software for almost every type of transportation company under the sun, you would think that we would have everything in our system that anybody could possibly need! But the truth is, there are still a few companies out there who need software solutions that we can’t provide yet.

We might have them next month, or next year. Or we might not.

That’s why we’ve developed an extensive Client System Analysis process. We provide this exclusive and valuable service – at no charge – with every potential client prior to making a recommendation of whether or not to invest in our software.

This keeps us from making the mistake of installing our software in a company that can’t achieve huge benefits from it. When we discover that rare company who won’t benefit enough from using Axon Software, it helps us determine where to invest resources to help more clients in the future. So, our upfront time investment to perform the Analysis is good for us and good for our future clients.

2. You Must Be Ready to Commit to Change (For the Better)

Many trucking companies know that they need to improve their information management systems to compete, but think that they can achieve that by adding little patches and tools to their existing software. The problem is, when you take this approach you only make tiny improvements in your day-to-day processes, so you only get tiny results.

So why would anybody stick with patchwork software systems, when there is clearly a better solution? It’s simply a matter of INERTIA. People don’t like change! We’re used to doing things in a certain way and it’s completely natural to resist any change to those habits, even when we are shown overwhelming evidence that not changing is hurting us!

Listen, I get it. I’m no different than most people in that way. When my bankers encouraged me to automate our payroll deposits (something most of our clients were already doing with their Axon systems), I agreed – in principle. But it took me over 2 years to finally get around to it. Two years of spending hours every couple of weeks printing checks, signing, and stuffing them into envelopes. And I needed to be in the office to perform all those functions.

Now I can be on the beach in Hawaii, log in and process the payroll, just as if I was sitting at my desk in the office. How much time did I waste over those two years, just because I procrastinated? Why did I hesitate? Simple. I suffered from inertia. I was used to doing it in a certain way, and change just doesn’t come easy for many of us.

So if you’re not ready to make some changes – whether it’s in your operations process, or your administration process, or your old, obsolete accounting applications – even after we’ve proven to you that these changes will massively improve your business – then you’re probably not ready for us yet.

But Before You Decide…

Don’t you think it would be wise to at least take a look at our transportation management system? If you take a good look, and still feel you want to keep doing things the way you are, fine. It’s your business and we won’t feel hurt if you don’t come on board. At least you’ll know that there is another option out there, should you decide down the road that you need it.

Of course, I’m assuming that you are one of the 20% of owners and managers who are actually in control of what goes on in their company. Who have the “right-stuff.” And not one of the 80% of nitwits who let the “inmates run the asylum”. Because those guys are not welcome in Axon Software’s exclusive inner circle ranks. They can’t qualify for super-hero status, like you can.

Too bad for them.

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