How To Achieve Total Control And Insight Into Your Company

How to Achieve Total Control and Insight Into Your Company

One of the biggest frustrations for most company owners and managers is not having the critical information they need to make fast decisions. Whether it is “big-picture” analysis you need to do that can have a huge effect on your financing, or focused, micro-decisions, like how to assign resources based on the outstanding orders you have this minute… You need to have the right tool for the job.

Axon Software’s Executive Briefing System provides customized, key information instantly. It displays an up-to-the-minute “snap-shot” of the information that is critical to you and your key people.

You simply choose the critical information you want to automatically display whenever you access your system. Net profit, bank account balance, outstanding credit lines, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable,
Owner/Operator liability, outstanding orders – it’s up to you. Each member of your management team can have a customized Executive Briefing screen of their own. This provides the easiest access to critical business information you’ve ever seen!

Executive Briefing

How is that possible?

We often get asked, by amazed and astounded trucking and software professionals alike, “How can you do that? How can you possibly have instant access to all that information, when every other system on the market makes you jump through hoops, and spend hours of digging and data processing before you can get a fraction of that information?”

It’s really simple. (Simple for you to use – not so easy for other software companies to do).

In Axon Software, your data is updated instantly. There is no old-fashioned “posting” process required. You eliminate costly delays and confusion. You get up-to-the-second information at any time. It’s NOT a simple “no-post” system like some entry-level products use. We include a bullet-proof built-in audit-trail system.

When a transaction enters the system, every program that it affects is updated instantly. And Real-Time Transaction Processing lets us “take-it-up-a-notch” with incredible management tools like our Executive Briefing System.

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“Our people could do a lot more and handle a lot more. Over the years, without Axon we would have needed at least 20 more employees. One of our managers says the best part of Axon for him is the Executive Briefing. He loves it. He goes and checks it out every morning – makes sure we’re still making money.”

NancyNancy Shirley
Bert Baxter Transport Ltd.
Estevan, SK S0C 0B0, Canada

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Built in searching and reporting puts the power in your hands

Take a close look at the information flowing through your business. There are dozens of places where information must be entered multiple times (look at how your orders are handled, your invoicing process, how the information related to driver/owner operator pay is handled – it’s only the beginning). Even worse, look at the places where information is entered – either onto the computer, or in a manual ledger or document. How much information are you entering that doesn’t go anywhere? How many spreadsheets are you using to try to work with some of your data? It can’t be accessed on any report, found through any search on your system, or used to assist with any management decisions. It just disappears!

With Axon Software, if you enter it on the system you can find it later – quickly and easily. Axon Software includes the most powerful information search and retrieval capabilities available, as well as easy-to-use custom report design tools to let you build your own reports. No other software on the market offers you as much control of your data.

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“Reporting is probably one of the best things in Axon. I was asking my accounting manager some of the things that she liked, and that was number one.”

TerryTerry Evans
VP of Finance & Administration
Caron Transportation Systems
Sherwood Park, AB T8H 1N1, Canada

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Do you agree that totally integrated trucking software with real time reporting could be a major key to saving time, money, and headache?

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